Rise & Shine - Aluminium Spears        &       Rusty Affair - Corten Spears

Our Range of Garden Art

Our 2020 range includes our

Corten Spears, Aluminium spears, Corten & Aluminium spinners, rusty bulrushes,seed pods,wands & Alliums

3D Corten sculptures in 5 different sizes & Nikau Wall art and panels, leaf screens, rusty nests & fish hooks

We have 8 current designs which are available in our "Rise & Shine" & "Swivel & Shine" ranges made from Shiny Aluminium & in our "Rusty Affair"  & Corten spinning Art range made from Corten Steel.


We laser cut all our designs which ensures a crisp, professional finish to every piece

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           Fish hook                           Tohu                          Reflection 
              Tribal                            Leaf                              Korokio 
Autumn seed pods  #groundedartnz #metals
Our big-boy bulrushes basking in the las
Rusty Bullrushes, Garden Art New Zealand
Spinning Art, Garden Art, Metal Garden Art
               Arrow                           Nikau                     Spinning Art         
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   Waikura Wands    Rusty Bulrushes (sml)    Rusty seed pods   Rusty Bulrushes (Lrg)  
            Corten Alliums                          Love Nests                  Nest Eggs    
Nest Egg
     3D Corten Sculptures - available in 7 designs & 5 sizes        Wall art, panels & screens