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What is Corten Steel ? Corten steel is a high strength weathering steel that is corrosion resistant. When exposed to the elements a stunning patina (rust) forms on the steel - the rust protects the steel from acidic environments, and it won't break down like regular steel. Rusty Corten not only looks fantastic it also ensures your art will last ....... & like good wine it just gets better with age!

Corten Steel developing its patina

What will a clean Corten steel sculpture look like & how do I start the rust? Starting with a clean Corten steel sculpture is a really good option if you are not based in Nelson as the sculpture will always transport better prior to any rust forming (reduces the risk of scuffing or marking in transit) and you also then get to see the patina develop before your very eyes! You can help the rust along spraying it with white vinegar or seawater but the first rainfall will make the biggest impact and most noticeable & exciting change to the steels appearance. Corten evolves best when exposed to plenty of sunshine and rain water.​ Watching the patina develop and evolve is a very cool part of the art so we highly recommend this option - you will have your own unique patina on your sculpture(s) within a matter of weeks.

pre rusted 900mm and 1200mm.JPG

Will the Corten rust leach?  Corten only tends to leach in its initial rusting phase when first forming the rust layer on clean Corten - once its coated / set then there is very little leaching from the steel. Because of potential initial leaching we recommend rusting up any 3Ds in stone-bases out of the stone to begin with - then once a decent coating of patina has formed they are fine popped back in the stone base - same applies for our wall art - best to mount into the wall after a decent patina has formed and for any or our Corten work if you intend to mount into or on concrete. Gardens, grass & other permeable ground surfaces  are great spots for the initial rusting up of Clean Corten.


How do I install / mount my 3D sculpture? We make all our 3D Corten sculptures with a box section / tube stem (these go up to a 50mm x 50mm / 500mm long stem on the largest sculptures) - which are designed to slip straight over a rod or waratah in the ground for super quick and easy installation - these are suitable for placing in established gardens or if in a new spot just plant up at the base to obscure the stem - easy! If you need a particular length stem just enquire with us and we can make it to suit your situation - no problem. The stems are also suitable for slipping straight into predrilled log or base of your choice or setting in concrete. We are unable to supply customers with wooden blacks and bases but many lumber yards & timber merchants are happy to supply and drill these at a size that suits the scale of your sculpture. We are able to provide drilled stones as bases suitable for our 400mm, 600mm and 900mm 3D sculptures.  Alternatively, if you wish to mount it straight onto an existing hard surface (concrete or the top of a wall etc) then please enquire with us directly as we can make our 3Ds sculptures with a flat plate base (on request) instead of a long stem so that they can also be displayed / bolted straight into concrete or other hard/secure surface (for no additional charge). ​ If you are in Nelson and need some advice on where and how to install your new art in the perfect spot then we are happy come out & help!

Corten 3D stem_edited.jpg

Will my shiny Aluminium stay shiny? ​ Aluminium is extremely hard wearing and the bright look will last for an extremely long time outdoors. We sand a unique texture and pattern into every single Aluminium Sculpture - this creates brilliant shimmer and sheen and sense of movement as you pass by the sculptures. Over time the elements may soften the effect of this but if in a suitable, clean environment it will last well - we have had our aluminium art in our garden that is more than 10 years now and it still looks fabulous! ​Aluminium is sensitive to grease, oil and fingerprints which can mark the face so we recommend that you avoid handling as much as possible and always carry the work these from their stems & threads only to keep them looking their best! 

Leaf & fish hook Alloy.JPG

Where can I view the artworks in person? If you are currently in Nelson then the best place to visit for viewing our work is the Arty Nelson Gallery at 126 Trafalgar Street. For other parts of NZ you can view a full list of all our stockists by clicking on the image or heading to NZ Stockists in the menu

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